ADVICE PLEASE--Only one hen left after dog killed the other

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by waghmg, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Mar 15, 2011
    Just trying to figure out what to do now....Already gone into the details in the Emergency forum but my dog killed one of our two hens earlier today. We have never had a problem w/the dogs because we always keep the dogs up while chickens are out and chickens up while dogs are out....but this one day I failed to latch the gate well.

    My dilemma is what to do with the remaining hen. The 2 hens had always been together so I'm really worried about the remaining one, now it is getting colder, etc., and afraid she may now be lonely. I think my husband wants to find her a home w/other chickens while one of my daughters want us to get another hen to keep her company. I'm torn about what to do.

    IF we decide to get another hen, how do you suggest I go about this? I know there is always a pecking order. This hen is 2-3 years old so would like to get another around same age. How would you suggest introducing them if I do get another? Should I quarantine the new one for 30 days? Seems like a long time for them to be alone.

    I've REALLY enjoyed my chickens and will miss them terribly if I rehome this one, and of course miss the other badly that was killed. I just HATE that I'm having to deal with this.

    Anyone w/suggestions is much appreciated.
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    Why don't you get a started pullet, that way you can still have a steady supply of eggs and your hen will have a buddy. They don't have to be the same age, but I wouldn't suggest getting a chick for her.

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