Advice please-Silkie hatching a variety of eggs-yesterday was day 21


9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
Savannah, Missouri
1 of Lizzie's standard eggs hatched yesterday morning & 1 bantam hatched last night. She is still firmly planted on the remaining eggs. How long do the hens usually wait to see if anymore will hatch? How long can it take for them to hatch? This is our 1st time - needless to say. It is amazing & wonderful! My heart aches for the other little eggs still lying there in the basket under her... Any input would be greatly appreciated! I set a little water in the basket by them. Should I leave it there for the new chicks, or take it out & let Lizzie lead them to the water when she is ready to finally move?

The Lisser

9 Years
Mar 29, 2010
Foothills of North Carolina
A hatch can take several days. The little ones can be without food and water for 48 hours, although I think it is a great idea to offer the mom and babies food and water in small containers if you can. Be sure to put marbles or clean stones in the water so the little ones don't get wet or drown. I would just wait for now - give it another day. The mom will probably keep the babies under her for several days especially if it's cold where you live.

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