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    Its been really hot here and my chickens have quit laying due to the heat I think. They have also all begun to moult.I wanted to know if I could worm them and treat them for lice at the same time? Is worming them in this heat a bad idea? Will the wormer and the de-louser interact badly with each other? One is a topical(lice) and one is added to the water.I havent seen any lice or mites but they all have been head shaking for a couple of days now and this is the time of year when all the wild birds are constantly in the coop sharing water and feed. My chickens all got lice just about this same time last year from the sparrows.
    I was thinking now would be a good time to do both since they arent laying so no need to toss eggs
    Thanks for your replies
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    Personally, I would wait to worm and treat for lice/mites IF they dont show 'signs' of either. The reason being is that the chickens are in a stressful/weakened state due to the moult and heat. You dont want to add more stress by worming and treating for lice/mites. While they are in moult, I recommend giving them probiotics...plain yogurt or buttermilk mixed with eggs in their feed to make a mash. If you dont have eggs, use canned beef catfood for extra protein. I also recommend adding poultry nutri drench to their water for about 4 days.

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