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11 Years
Feb 28, 2011
We have 4 baby chicks...first time owners. I believe they are 3-4 days old. Maybe 5. I would like to take precaution and offer them sugar water once. Just for a little insurance. They seem fine, but they have been very active today. Is this a good idea? Can someone give me the proper recipe? I don't want to do it wrong. Also, do I put it in a little dish or put it in their water feeder. Thanks!
down for sugar water recipe...then scroll down further for super stressed sugar water recipe

I put it in the chick waterer.

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If they seem healthy, you shouldn't need sugar water.
the sugar gives them the same effect that it does to humans, gets them a fast energy boost to make them feel better for a short time. that may make them eat better if they are not doing well.

if they seem happy, i would skip the sugar
I agree- if they're eating and drinking ok and happy and healthy, then just give them plain water. Sugar water and electrolyte water can be given in times of stress, like after shipping or moving to a new home, but once they are over that then plain water is best.
Thanks so much everyone!
I looked at them and decided to skip it. I will watch them closely though. We love them so much. They are really getting used to us.

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