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    So long story short, my bf and I are parting ways and I need to find a new place for my chickens and I to go. Luckily, we are parting on good terms so I can keep my girls in their current coop as long as necessary, and his cousin has offered to let me rent his place and move the ladies their. The downside is that the current tenants are leaving because the neighbors fight loudly, which if too irritating may give me a good reason to get a rooster!!! I'm going to check out the place next week after they move out, but think that noisy neighbors are a better option than moving my girls up to my mom's flock in Washington.
    So here is my dilemma. I need to fab a new coop. I am thinking two different options. I currently have a greenhouse, 6x8', and it has two big openings in it, as well as panels that I could remove and replace with wire. Here's a link so you can see what I'm talking about It doesn't get very warm here, so this maywork. Of course, I then lose my greenhouse!
    Option two. I have read a little about open air houses, and think that with our climate it may be a good option. I live on the coast of northern CA and have a very mild climate. Middle of summer heat wave may see us hit 70 degrees, and we veeeery rarely get below 36 or so. I am thinking that If I do a 4x8 coop, and roof the whole run, I can leave the interior wall open. Basically a three walled coop. Of course, I will orient it so as to be protected from prevailing winds, and weather. Is there any reason why this wouldnt work. Or does anyone have bad experiences with a set up like this?? I'd appreciate any advice!
    Oh, I have 6 large fowl and 2 bantams.
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    Depending on how different your new home is versus your old might consider an enclosed coop to protect your flock to start with.

    If the neighbors are noisy, they'll likely also to be being able to confine your flock for it's own safety might be a good thing, especially while you're away from them (work?).

    Also, what kind of predators are there in your new place as opposed to your old place (even 2 miles here makes a difference in where the coyotes are, where the hawks are, where the racoons are, etc).

    If you already have the greenhouse, and are not intending to use it until early spring (Feb) to grow out garden plants, why not use it for the chickens while you figure out what to do for your flock? It'll give you time to properly build something that's useable for more than just one site - and to build it to what your flock needs long-term. Seems like re-configuring the greenhouse wouldn't take that much in terms of time and materials, so it's a plausible short term solution.

    Hope this helps.

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