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Apr 21, 2012
We've just taken in a few yr old drakes needing a home. All we raise are chickens, who are let out of the coop to free range the entire farm all day. We don't even have a pond (yet). So pretty please speak up; any advice is welcome, especially regarding immediate needs such as housing until they learn to return to the coop at night (any idea how long that might take, if ever?). Now, off to do a crash-course on duck care courtesy of Google.....


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May 2, 2011
My geese live with our free range chickens, They tend to sleep outside unless its bad weather. I leave the door to the coop open.
They will need some water deep enough for them to put their heads in so they can clear their nostrals.This is very important. I know lots of people use childrens swimming pools but a large bucket will also be fine to start with.
I feed mine the same as th chickens, they have a natural mix of corn, wheat, barley and lots of fresh veges everyday.
It will take a while for them to get to know you and depending how much they were handled depends on how close you are going to be able to get to them.
Hope it all goes well. let me know if you have any other questions.

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Until you have taught them where home is i wouldn't just let them out to free range and hope they come home. Keep them contained where the coop is, unless you live in an area where there are no predators [can't imagine where that could be] I would put them up behind locked doors at night the same as you do your chickens. Unless you just want to build a pond kiddie pools work great for ducks. you'll have to change the water often but I have never had a pond and I have had ducks 9 yrs. If you have chicken hens though I'd watch those drakes if only a year old their hormones are at full speed ahead and they may try to mate with your hens which will not end pleasant for them, ducks and chickens are not compatible for mating and a drake will kill a hen trying. Probably be best to house them separate. but most likely when out free ranging the hens will be able to get away from them. Ducks herd great so you may have to show them for a while where they are to sleep for their own safety. Good luck and enjoy! AND
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