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I have a broody that took on 9 eggs from an incu that quit about a week ago.. They're starting to hatch today. The thing is she has 10 of her own and they may be at least a week behind the ones from the incu. I don't want her to break broody to soon. Should I take these first chicks from her and put them in a brooder? She had 10 of her own and I had to add 9 from the incu.

FYI, I have two in one brooder from a previous hatch. Two in a brooder from a broody hatch, Mom had to go to the coop. This will mean brooder set up 3 w/ whatever chicks hatch from the broken incu. Isn't having chickens fun?
Then if and when the broody mom w/ the incu chicks hatches her own it will be chick heaven around here. Oh all Dels and CM's .
If your incubator is still broke down, i would take the chicks from her because she probably won't sit for a whole week after the first ones hatch. You might try giving the first ones back to her after the others hatch but I would watch close to make sure the later ones are keeping up.
Ok I did take the chicks, 5, one egg was tore up the outer shell was missing and had a chick. I tossed it of course. It was near the bottom so I don't know how the shell got removed. She settled on the other eggs and still has 3 from the incu. I'm going to check under her tonight. Think that will be ok? There were 4 Del eggs so they are easy to tell and the other would be marans. so it won't be easy as the others she originally had were Del and Marans. I only had the darkest in the incu. I have a new incu coming in the mail. Thanks for responding the books only cover things as though they go perfect. Which of course they never do. LOL
Ok 6 out of 9 so far 2 Dels and 4 CM's. This means she's still on 2 eggs from the bator. That means there are two Del eggs yet. I hope they hatch cuz I really want the Dels.

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