Advise-Cockerel lost tail feathers and top feathers from dark to light

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    Apr 29, 2009
    Lately (last few weeks) I have noticed that my cochin cockerel has no longer got any tail feathers, they have been mostly found in the coup while I have been cleaning up. Also his top feathers have went from a shiny black cover to a much lighter shade of browns and fawn!.. He is at least 3 years old and as we live in the north of Scotland he is not experiencing alot of strong sunshine (our summer months are over). Is it possible that something is wrong with him? Other than the tail feathers and the different colour he is now he seems to be alright. He still has his good voice (several times a day), eating and still showing his hens he means business!!
    I have also noticed when he is bending over to eat that I can see his vent area and it looks red (maybe it's only visible now as his tail feathers are no longer there). Can anyone comment on the above, is it all natural and will tail feathers grow back and will he become dark and shiny again? Or is this a serious matter that will need special attention. Thank you in advance for any advise or recomendations.
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    Nov 16, 2008
    During the summer and fall of the year chickens grow new feathers. This is called molt.
  3. Definitely the moult. I'm in Oxfordshire UK & my boys started weeks ago -- the new feathers are coming in now. They will soon be back in their full glory.


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