Advise for chick with Coccidiosis

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    Apr 24, 2010
    I posted last weekend about one of my newest 3 week old bantam frizzle chicks having very bloody poops. I have been treating it as Coccidiosis with Corid 9.6% (1tsp to 1gallon of water) since 12:00 pm last Monday. She seems to be much more active with more good poops and many less with blood. I separated her right away, but went ahead and treated the whole bunch. My questions are:

    [​IMG] When can I add my frizzle back in with the bunch... she is so bored and lonely. Seems safe since they are all being treated...

    [​IMG] I will treat with Corid for 5 days. Do I follow up with any other treatment or will that be it unless I see signs again?

    [​IMG] Also wondered is there any other foods, etc other than yogurt to give for adding probiotics back in?

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    I use medicated feed, and that helps deter cocci. Even after the 5 day treatment, I would go ahead and use the medicated feed. Yogurt has probiotics. I use nonflavored lowfat yogurt. It is the cheapest route. Otherwise you can buy Probios (at the feed store).
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    Apr 24, 2010
    Do you think it's still necessary to keep them separated since they are all being treated with Corid?
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    No, you don't need to keep them separated. Cocci is not a contagious disease like some other things.

    Corid blocks the absorption of important vitamins, so it's a good idea to add vitamins to their water after the Corid treatment is over - in order to help them get strong.

    Generally, also, after a true outbreak of cocci, chickens develop resistance and should no longer be susceptible to the particular strains that live in your soil.

    I agree with the yogurt. Their intestines will need help healing back up.

    I'm glad your girl is looking better and glad you caught it quickly. [​IMG]

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