Advise On Pee Pad Training a Puppy???


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We picked up a Jack russel/Min pin mix pup, well 2 of em but only ones mine, we're keeping em together for the time being to reduce whining (so we thought)

I have puppy pads and I continually stick them on it, and they still go on the floor!! How do I get them to use it?? I am going to train it to go outside when its older but thats not an option at this moment, it is 6 weeks old and smaller then my 7 week old kitten.

or how about crate training? how do I do that? just anything but my floor!

The min pin colored one is mine and is a girl, brown one is my brothers and his gf's and is a boy


I agree with SarahFair.

Transitioning to go outside once used to using a pee pad is worse than training to go outside from the start.

If you must use them as you stated in your post, you will probably have the best luck placing them at the outside door they will be using to go outside. You must monitor them 24/7 if they are not in a crate. And be quick!!!!
Watch them and see how long after eating and drinking that they go. And be the same time EVERY TIME, after they eat or drink, take them to the pee pad and wait. Praise them when they go.

Other than that, I have no more suggestions for you.

I always train mine to go outside, and usually have them house trained within 2 weeks. There are accidents once in awhile, if I don't pay attention to their telling me they need to go out, but as I said, it is usually my fault after that.

Every hour I would take them out to potty at a min maybe every half hour if they did not go the last time.....and always as soon as they get up rush them out they will go pee pretty much instantly....thats probably what woke them up cause they felt the urge.

I think they make a spray for pee pads that you spray on it and the scent tells them that is where they should go potty.
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I agree x100

Pee pads are a bad idea. You've been given some good advice - take them out every 1/2 hour - 7 weeks is NOT too young to learn. I'd even set an alarm to take them out at least once in the night. I took a companion animal class in college and we were taught that around 7 weeks, puppies imprint whatever is under their feet when they're going potty at that age is what they'll prefer to potty on for the rest of their lives. My husband and I concluded that our dog must've been born in the fall because he likes to go in the old leaves in the woods.

I mostly use the crate to confine them overnight and when we leave the house to keep them from peeing or pooping in the house.
The others are right. No pee pads or newspaper.
Use a crate. Any time the pups are not in your visible sight they are in the crate. They will whine, howl and cry. Leave them.
Take them outside as often as possible and for as long as possible.
Do no correct them for peeing on the floor. By the time you get to them they won't know why you corrected them. You only have a few SECONDS to correct them anyways. How fast are you? Scoop them up and take them out. Praise like crazy for going potty outside.
They are tiny dogs and not fully developed yet. Potty training isn't going to be easy but it can be done with consistency.
Crating is a great way to train them. You just have to run them to the door right when they get out. I can count on one hand the number of accidents my dogs had. They are no longer crated, but it works very well for puppies.
Thanks all, Can I both Crate train and outside train? I can take her out during the day but cant at night. any tips on how to crate train? This is my first inside puppy, All the dogs i've ever had we're big dogs and only took us a few days to teach them to stay outside at the backdoor
Crate training is apart of teaching them to go outside.
The space in the crate needs to be only big enough to stand up, turn around and lay down. Any more room and you invite accidents and teaching them it is ok to go in the crate.
You will have to take her outside about every 2 hours at night until older. Then increase the time slowly by 30 minutes until they can hold it for 8 hours.

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