Aerobics for Cornish X


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Jun 27, 2011
When all of my chickens are free-ranging, I got kind of tired of seeing the CornishX's laying around, so I decided to get them some exercise. Our Australian Shepherd would probably give them a heart attack with the amount he likes to make the chickens move, so we needed an alternative. My youngest daughter and I would through a jumbo cricket near them, and after they got a taste for them they were hooked. It really was funny. We would throw down a cricket, and one of the chickens would take off running with it like a football, with the others hot on his tail. Once in a while another chicken would move in for the steal, and the chase would continue.

What we noticed is that while they ate a bit more food (we keep food out constantly), they grew faster, and the meat tastes better while still tender. Not to mention that watching "chicken football" is fun for the little ones.
Anyone else have similar experience, or observations regarding getting those lazy chickens to move? Also, has anyone else noticed a growth or flavor difference?

I haven't harvested my first batch, so I can't speak to the flavor of the meat.

Mine are 5.5 wks old now. They eat the same amount of feed that the feed chart says they should, but seem to be a little smaller than growth charts and others' pictures posted here.

I LOVE chicken football. Ours played it with June bugs. If anyone in the family caught a June bug, we would all gather around to watch the excitement.

Now that they are out of their brooding box, we let them free range in the yard. They don't move much, but our Roo helps with this regard. He isn't really mean, but he loves to strut through their nap pile, which usually scatters them for a while. I think they look like an aircraft carrier when they run.
LOL they do have the agility of an aircraft carrier. We have a mean old hen that used to pick on them when freeranging, but she figured out that in a couple weeks they end up larger than she LOL.
I took a video of the chicks playing football with a cricket. I should put it on youtube and link it (I'll add that to my list of things to do).

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