Affiliate Deal-Make some money! 0 work involved! Instant Startup!

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    Hello everybody!

    I am deciding to offer an affiliate deal to any and all who wish to apply!

    Let's get to it, then!

    What is an affiliate?
    An affiliate is a person who either buys and then resells a product, or who has a deal that will sell the product then keep a percentage, while the producer sends out the product with no work on the affiliates part.

    So this means, if I put this on my website/sell any local/sell any online/sell any on ebay, I get to keep the money minus a small percent?
    Yes! There are two kinds of affiliation, as outlined below.

    Direct Affiliation
    Direct affiliation is where you follow the steps below:
    1.) You put the product on your site
    2.) You make a sale
    3.) You notify me, pay me for the CD and shipping. (Please PM me for a price list; no product will cost you more than $10.00; plus fee from percentage)
    4.) The buyer gets the product, and everyone's happy!

    Indirect Affiliation
    Follow these steps:
    1.) You put the item on your site
    2.) You order 5-10 CDs which are prepackaged and ready to ship at a flat rate (You can set the price and how much you make!)
    3.) You get the CDs in the mail
    4.) You ship them out to purchasers
    5.) You make money, everyone's happy!

    As you can see, Direct is easier for people with less sales, but you don't make quite as much money per sale, but don't have to have inventory. However, indirect lets you set the bar however high you want, enabling you to make as much or as little money as you want!

    It really is a good deal for everyone!

    Plus, you get a free copy for yourself... [​IMG]

    Here is an example auction for The Chick Chart and Incubation Intel.



    Please PM me if you have any questions/info, or email me at [email protected]

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