Afghan Tomatoes and Eggs: Tukhum-Bonjan --


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Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
My momma came over tonight and made this dish. My brother is once again deployed overseas...this time to Afghanistan.

He came home for his leave a few weeks ago and made this dish for my momma...she came and taught me it..

NOW..mind you I'm a big MEAT person...I am not a person who will be satisfied with a non-meat type dinner..its just not for me..I didnt care for IS a great way to use up your tomatoes from your garden and your eggs!!!

Here is what you need:

Olive oil
2 jalapeno peppers (NO, I used 2 large ones and had NO spice-- but adjust for your taste) (we minced them..)
tomatoes (diced)
dried basil
dried oregano

to make:

Take olive oil & sautee' the jalapeno & minced garlic.
Then add in fresh diced tomatoes..simmer until the tomatoes break down slightly.

Then add in your eggs; on top of the tomatoes (as they are still simmering), slightly break the egg yolk..(DO NOT MIX!!!) one at a time.

Put lid on it. Let cook til eggs are done. Uncover & add dried basil/oregano

To eat it like a traditional Afghani family, put the pan/pot in the middle of the table. Everyone eats out of the pan.

Take your hearty bread pieces, smush it thin with your fingers:

Use the bread as a scoop,

Then eat! ENJOY!



8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Hmmm. looks interesting. Not something we would normally eat, but might give it a try this summer when we have tomatoes coming out of our ears!

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