Aflac is dieing


Feb 2, 2017
Las vegas
My vet told me by the looks of the x-ray Aflac will die soon.He has a hole in his trachea how I have no clue but it cause a huge air sac and I’m so very sad I just wanna die Is there anything to due to keep him alive He’s my life he’s honestly loved as much as I love my own two children I can’t bare to live without him Is there anybody that knows of a mirale
Do you have records from the vet? How is the injury described in clinical notation if so? I have found a few case studies on tracheal injuries and there appear to be treatment options. Of course, knowing nothing about your duckie makes it impossible to guess but it may be helpful to keep in mind that similar conditions have been treated and maybe if you find the right vet they can help you! He will probably need surgery and that can get expensive, but sometimes no cost is too high for our precious little ones. Keep us posted okay?

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