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    I have one hen (Melissa) who appears to be afraid of heights. She gets up on the roost each night on her own, but is afraid to get down by herself.
    Nearly every time I open the run to let the chickens out I hear a familiar, pitiful call from inside the coop. Sure enough it is Melissa on the roost thinking about taking the short hop off but afraid to do so. I never hear this particular sound unless she is stuck on the roost.
    Each time I hold my hands out waiting for her to accept a little help. She paces back and forth twice before reluctantly settling between my hands for a hoist down.
    She is near the top of the pecking order, and will keep a couple of the small chickens in line; but when it comes to heights she's just a big chicken.
    Anyone else have a chicken afraid of heights?
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    Nov 9, 2010
    north of eternity
    I wonder if something hurts when she jumps down? Do you think she'd use a little ladder? Maybe as queen she likes being carried down. [​IMG] Really, though, off a short roost, maybe she has a sore nail or something??
  3. Rustywreck

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    Oh, the roost isn't short - it's about 5.5 feet, but the hop down to the next level is short. The others have no problem.
    She runs about the yard quite well and has no problem jumping off and on the deck, so I don't think she's in any discomfort.

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