african geese questions

Geese have been housed with chickens before but some do not get along
Geese are the most intelligent poultry and have individual personalities. You might get a gander who doesn't have patience for chickens, or you might get one that is laid back and loves them if you got a hatchling. I'd think a gosling raised by chickens would get along the best with them though because it would bond with the mother hen at hatch and take care of them.

The African Gander I acquired was hatched by a muscovy hen, is very sweet and gets along great with my ducks... as long as none of the drakes are causing a disturbance. Then he goes into "constable mode" and breaks it up.
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geese are not as aggressive as many take they are smart,and can get attached to the person raising them i have had geese for 30 yrs i love them!! most i seen geese get aggressive is during breeding season . mine roam on our pond with our ducks,cows,goats ...and i have seen them bed with my kids partical to the embden i have many others ....i have one tal. she is our foster mom to the eggs i hatch she acceots all ducks an geese i can give her
I think it all depends on how old the geese will be that you are getting. If a gosling I'm sure they will be fine with the chickens. My geese are afraid of the chickens because the chickens don't tolerate getting goosed....... lol. I do have an african in my mix and she is very sweet. She has started attacking shows and legs lately. Mostly with me around. She has also started laying eggs so that might be the reason. Anyway, if you have a hen that has hatched some chicks then the gosling may fit in just right
Good luck
Well our feed store in the spring gets goslings, ducklings and chicks. Since its in the spring and we have a rooster I'm sure that there will be at least one broody hen. We've got, I think they were toulouse but not sure since they just kept their down feathering all the time we had them, goslings from them and they were MEAN!!!! And mine that was on the bottom of the pecking order was FAT!!

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