African geese


Mar 14, 2018
I have an African gander, Maurice, and a Chinese goose, Giselle. I don't know Maurice's age, Giselle is 2/2.5 years old.
Maurice came to me because his mate had died suddenly. I found him a beautiful Chinese goose, Gracie. He fell for her on sight and they were together for about ten months. She was killed by a neighbor's dog and Maurice was badly injured. It was a year before he was completely healed. He missed Gracie badly and came to me every day for comfort. After four months I bought him another Chinese goose, Giselle. Perhaps it was too soon but I knew even less about geese than I do now. He was aggressive at first but eventually accepted her. After nearly two years they have shown what be prelimary mating behavior.
I would be very pleased to have any information about African and Chinese.

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