African Goose Hatching Eggs, Turkey Hatching Eggs and Peacock Hatching Eggs

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    African Goose Hatching Eggs for sale. The Geese are full blooded and are nice. They go down to the pond to swim and come up to the house to lay their eggs and go to bed. They make good watch dogs. The Geese will honk loudly if someone or something is there that isnt' suppose to be. They get along with our chickens and ducks without problem.
    The Geese lay most of the year. They lay just a few eggs in the winter every week then in the spring they lay heavy. They lay a big white egg. We eat and cook with the eggs when we aren't selling them for hatching. I do not wash the eggs so there could be some mud on them depending on our weather. The Geese tend to bury their eggs under the hay or dirt when they get the opportunity.

    My turkeys have been Blue Slate Turkeys and they would throw a white palm once in while but I ordered some eggs from some people and they turned out to be more mixed turkeys than Blue Slate and they have mixed in with my flock. So now my turkeys throw a mottled black turkey at times and a few that look like Narragansett Turkey. I cannot call them full blood anymore. They are mixed turkeys now. Some of the males from those eggs do tend to get larger than what the Blue Slate Turkeys I had. We dressed one that weighed 32lbs dressed. My eggs are hatching good when set so fertility is good.

    You will get 6+ eggs. I try to always send 2 extra as long as we have them. I am asking 15.00 for the eggs and 22.00 for shipping. I pack the eggs double boxed with air pillows to protect them. I truly think it helps the eggs hatch better when you get them. It is more work for me packing but I want your eggs to hatch good for you.

    Peacock eggs are 10.00 each with shipping charges 12.00 to 20.00 depending on how many eggs you get.
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