African Grey Parrot - **PIC**


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Nov 10, 2010
Just thought I'd share a piccy of my African Grey Parrot.

15 years old and extremely talkative. <3 <3 <3

I have many other better pictures but can't find them right now

I found this one, not sure how it happened, but love it cos she looks like a super ghost parrot

How funny!!! which Grey is it? Timeh? or Congo? I have two and I thought they were a breeding pair I was told they were ......but Im not to sure now, 4yrs later.....
To be honest, I'm not really sure. I think Congo, just for the subtle differences in her feather colours, but this hasn't really been confirmed and I'm no expert. We got her from a friend when she was quite young, and they gave us as little information as 'she's a parrot'... they also thought she was male.. apparently it was their 'educated guess'..
lol oh dear, it would be cool if they did start breeding. How old are yours?
Mine are about 5-6yrs old...I bought them from a woman who's husband passed away and was a breeder. She wanted nothing to do with any of the birds he had and sold them all. I went to her home and she also had a Cockatoo, she was a cold woman kind of like I dont want to touch the birds etc...she told me dont put your hand in the cage that cockatoo will bite your fiinger...I did, and he let me pet him, I bought him named him Rhyder...and she then took me to the yard which was beautiful and to this house that was very cute, and had the greys in there ....No windows, no lights at about 2pm...I felt so bad for them...she said the same thing, I put my hand up and they came to me....she told me they were a breeding pair, her husband bought them...always buying birds to breed and make money I have no time for it and dont like them.

So I brought home 3 parrots that day, thank god the price was right!!!! I named them Noelani (heavenly, from the heavens) and Pakei (Great one, father of the house, the king)....she talks he doesnt...the make my grand daughters sounds got me on that one, I knew she had gone to day care one day but they made me second guess it, I ran to the room thinkiing my daugher had left her and forgot to tell me.

I hope they breed.
What a pretty girl! She is a Congo. Timnehs have a horn colored upper mandible and a darker tail, as well as darker feathers. We have a male in his twenties now. Kirby always has a lot to say, too!

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