After 17 years I called


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Yup, it has been 17 years since my Grampa died. I called Gram after 17 years. Long story that has seemed to turnout good.
My DGF died of pancreatic cancer the day I visited and told him I loved him and he could go. Not that I had that right but I think people need to hear that sometimes. Gram thought otherwise. She thought I killed him.
I know she was sad but to blame it on me really hurt, that is why I haven't called. For some reason I felt like calling today. Glad I did.

Just had to share, hopefully someone can relate.
Gram is 95. I am at peace now. Granted I wish I could say what I said face to face but I am 4 states away. We had a nice long talk. I really wish I could give her a huge huge....
I think so too, if not I at least made her laugh.

I miss all the interaction with the Grands, and she is the last. I learn so much from the collective knowledge and it will soon be gone. How sad....
The best you can do is keep in touch and listen maybe you will be able to visit-just like your phone call-you might just get up one day and go see her-time is the best gift we can give someone.

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