after 3-4 weeks of brooding, how long before hen resumes laying

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    I have one rooster and a flock of 8 hens, Sussex, Orpington, Australorp, Leghorn, Ameraucana, Plymouth Rock, and 2 Rhode Island Reds. A while back one of the Reds went broody. I tried numerous recommended methods to break the cycle to no avail. So as recommended by the guy at the food & grain store, I just let her be. Finally after approximately 25 - 27 days she came out of it and rejoined the rest of the flock in their daily free-ranging routine and activities. Prior to brooding she was a regular and consistent layer producing 4 or 5 eggs each week. However, it has been well over a month and she has yet to lay a single egg, while all the others continue to lay at their regular pace.

    Is there any method or little trick to get her to resume laying?
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    Light therapy.

    It is different between a hen broken from broodiness, one allowed to hatch chicks and one allowed to quit on her own.
    It also depends on the age of the bird.
    Since it is nearing the winter solstice, she may wait till days start to lengthen.
    A hen with chicks will resume laying after she weans them which could be a month or two after hatch depending on season. Longer in cold weather, shorter in the heat of summer.

    I have no experience in letting them quit on their own since I either allow them to hatch or break them right away.
    It may take longer since while broody, the nutritional intake is lessened and that could easily affect onset of ovulation.
    Definitely time of year has a lot to do with it.

    A friend of mine never broke her broodies - turkeys, silkies and seramas. She had a turkey broody for over 2 months. Finally it couldn't move. After $3,000 of vet bills and a couple months of physical therapy, it died.

    If they're not going to incubate, I break them the first couple days.
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    How old is bird?
    What is your location?

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