After a 2 month hiatus, my chickens are laying again

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by TheGirls & Larry, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Dec 2, 2011
    One day my son called and told me he thought he was the "chicken whisperer" We both laughed. So,, I asked him,,what should I do about my hens that have quit laying (still quite young)?

    As near as I can tell they quit laying when a snake started making daily rounds to their nests, maybe they were traumatized. Anyway after losing the snake to cold weather or a fake egg, I still wasn't getting any eggs. I ruled out most predators by all the live animal traps that I baited and were untouched.

    My son suggested that I show them an egg, preferably a brown one. He was being factious because he's only recently started raising chickens (3 of them) himself. Considering I had nothing to lose, I bought some brown eggs and did just that. I put in a fake white egg also but up until this time it had not triggered egg laying.

    Lo and behold, three days later, I started getting eggs and have gotten them every day since. I think this is a bit hilarious, since my son really was shooting in the dark. Maybe he is the chicken whisperer.
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    [​IMG] That's awesom!!! I need a chicken whisperer in my family, [​IMG]

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