After all this time I am still stumped whether my chickies are really chuckies.

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by HD Chick, Mar 14, 2013.

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    My sister-in-law gifted us with four chicks on New Year's Day. She was told by the seller they were a Barred Rock Island, a RIR, and two either Americuana's or Americana's but she couldn't recall. None of them have EE blue legs. Love my flock! Most days I am convinced my approx. 4 month old chicks are all pullets. Then other days I think they are all cockerels. Today is one of those days. My RIR in particular is looking like a roo, and the alpha BR has been chasing him away all day. I have attached a photo for your opinions. The chickens are all the same ones on each row, but I could only capture one photo of my speedy Americana, so she's on the lower R. No one has crowed and no one has laid.

    I just want the mystery to be over. The"girls" Hattie, Sophie, Henny and Clarice thank you in advance!
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    They are all pullets if they are 4 month old ...
    Top row is the Plymouth Barred Rock
    Second row is an Easter Egger (EE) with green legs
    Bottom row is an EE with green legs, no beard (muff) in the first 2 pics and the 3rd pic is a Rhode Island Red (RIR) with yellow looks like.

    Laying will start between 5 to 6 months typically.
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    They look like all pullets!!
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    Oh! That would be quit delightful! Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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    @chickenlickin Actually the second row from L to R is the RIR. She's the biggest of the bunch and has gray legs, so perhaps she is a mix? I'm not sure what kind of breed is in the lower R; which has yellow legs. I was told she and Clarice (the other Americana?) were bantams. My is in law said the store told her they laid blue/green eggs. I really want to keep them all. Thanks for responding!
  6. These pictures remind me of a Mötley Crüe song.......Girls Girls Girls
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    Ha ha! Y'all made my day!!! Relief.

    Thank you!
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    That isn't a RIR. It's an Easter Egger who will probably not lay green eggs because it doesn't have a pea comb. If it's a girl. It is pretty reddish... It has green legs and a beard, right? (it's kind of hard to see your pictures)

    Your BR's are girls.

    Easter Eggers don't have blue legs. They have green, usually. Purebred Ameraucanas, which none of yours are, have slate/blue legs.
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    Thanks for the info! I guess my sister-law got misinformation from the seller hence my confusion. What I thought was my RIR has tufts of feathers on her cheeks. Her legs are a gray. The other red one is an EE and she has yellow legs. She's pictured on the lower R. She and the other EE are smaller than the BR and "RIR".

    Well, whatever they are they sure do give our home a lot of joy! Looking forward to lots of eggs in the summer.
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    Sorry, I was tired last night, wearing my glasses and trying to see them in the dark. This morning, I can see them better, lol!

    Top girl is BR.

    Next row is Easter Egger. It's the fluffy cheeks and green/gray legs that gives it away.

    Bottom row looks like another Easter egger, since it has green/gray legs, but it doesn't have a beard. That's okay. And, it looks like it has a pea comb, maybe it'll lay a green egg for you!

    The last pic is hard to see, but I bet that's your RIR.

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