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    respiratory s/s went through my flock various treatments were tried,all chickens are gone now,will clean the whole barn with bleach etc.leave it for a period of time if not altogether,but what do you all suggest for the chicken yard to I have put all the soilde straw out in their yard which is big 60ft by 60ft. come spring I will hose out the barns and scrub down the coops roosts,boxes etc.Originally I had a few chicks drop dead then the rest were treated with duramycin 10 no body died after that but different ones would come down with this little barking noise and maybe a bark or squeek,all ate and drank but I couldn[t get a grip on this after several rounds of antibiotics.I was thinking chronic air sac disease.what do i do wiht the outdoor pens? Once spring comes the whole run will quickly become over grown with vegitation thislte weeds wheat all will grow crown vetch ,daisys the whole thing will be wild and high wiht vegation
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    So sorry for your loss! I would be doing all that you mentioned. Not sure if there is something you can put on the ground in the run. Maybe a bit of grapeseed extract added to a hose sprayer. I would mow or weedwack the area till you get more hens.Again,so sorry!

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