After Mycoplasma gallisepticum, how to clean/sanitize?

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    Our flock was infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum . After speaking with a state poultry expert we decided to cut our loses and cull our flock with plans to start over. He mentioned that we should wait three weeks before bringing in new chicks, but it will be longer because of the Holiday coming up. In the mean time, what is the best way to clean the cope and run to be sure it is safe for newbies? Any links to how long MG lasts outside of hosts? Tips?
  2. On the Roosts, Nest boxes I would use Bleach and Water.......Also they said 3 weeks? I would wait 6 weeks.....Rake the pen really well......Contact them again......They will know a lot more than we do.....

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    Search Tek-Trol and mycoplasma.

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