After the initial Wazine, can I administer antibiotic on my chickens?


9 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Recently, I found out that my chickens could have a problem with gapeworm And/ Or respiratory disease. Late last night, I noticed one of my chickens did the "gasping" movements a few times and I was horrified - I assume it confirmed that she does come down with something but I have no clue what - I'm new with raising chickens as pet! Some researches, readings I had done, talked about respiratory disease and that the case could be she got gapeworm. So late last night, I administered all of my chickens (3) with Walzine-17 (mixed 1 oz. with 1 gallon of water). I read from many posts to do this for 24 hours period, then wait for 10 days, then do Valbazen for one day.

So, my question narrows down to: Because I am not exactly sure if my chickens are experiencing with gapeworm and/ or respiratory disease, can I de-worm them and administer Duramyacin (antibiotic) at the same time? When I say at the same time I meant this: Walzine-17 for 24 hours, then antibiotic for the next 3 days. Then 10 days after the Walzine-17 and 7 days after the antibiotic, administer Valbazen for one day. Does my question make any sense?!

I sincerely hope you could give me any input/ guidance/ words of wisdoms on this.

Also, is it normal for chickens to breath with an opened mouth? I don't hear any weezing or gurgling sound, yet.... Two of my chickens are probably losing a little bit of weight as well. They are about 3 months old. One chicken is about 8 months old. The one that displays visible "gasping" movement is the 3 months old.

Thank you so much!
chickens will breathe with their mouth open when they are hot. A little swallowing motion is normal. unless they appear sick, i don't think i would administer two medications at once, esp. with such vague symptoms you have described. if you do use both in a short time frame i would recomment giving them some probiotics like plain togurt to help out their digestive system and electrolyte solution
A day ago, one of the chickens - 3 months old - gagged - she stretched out her neck a few times while gagging. She did this for about several times. Today my older hen, 8 months old, sneezed loudly, followed by breathing heavily, like a dog panting, for the next 30 mins. then I also heard a little wheezing came out while she was breathing - that lasted for about 10 seconds. I'm extremely nervous....I don't know what I should do? Please help!
Thanks Jim - I followed your advice and ordered Valbazen - it won't come until late this week/ early next week. You mentioned I shouldn't deworm the 3 months old BO chickens.

I searched and read somewhere and someone suggested to mix organic apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper and salt into a gallon of water. I gave all the chickens this solution to drink yesterday afternoon.

Last night, one of the BO stretched out her neck, close her eyes several times while gasping in silent. I didn't hear any wheezing from her, she doesn't seem to sneeze, but I could only observe her for a few hours a day. No nasal discharge. She is still young so I couldn't hold down her wattle for me to check for gapeworm. I also listened to your advice and mixed starter with scrambled eggs and buttermilk. She ate for a little bit of it, but then she doesn't seem to be too interested.

The other BO sneezes more often but I haven't seen her displaying any of the silent gasping, although she opens her mouth and breaths very heavily. I also didn't hear any wheezing sound from her, but it seems like she is trying to breath very hard.

My RIR doesn't like the layer crumble mixture with scrambled eggs at all, she barely ate any of it, but I'm mixing more of the layer crumble into it so hopefully she will consume a bit more. Also, this is the one that have her wings out every now and then, and I read somewhere in here that is another sign of a sick chicken. I will wait for the Valbazen to treat my RIR - I still couldn't open her mouth to check for gapeworm! I pulled down her wattle and she quickly shakes her head and shut it right off!

If my BOs are too young to deworm, what can I give them in the mean time? Tylan injection?

Thanks so much for all of your help!!! I'm really appreciated all the inputs I can get!

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