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    Aug 31, 2012
    Hi all! I've completed the coccidiosis treatment, waited a few days, and yesterday we administered Wazine as directed. (dawg's description of the worming process was so helpful!!) I cleared their coop and run, sprinkled DE everywhere for mites and such, and have washed all food and water containers so nothing has traces of meds or poo. I'm hoping for a clean slate until we use another wormer in 2 weeks.

    My question is what can I expect now? Would I see worms in feces? I witnessed the most watery poo I'd ever seen come out of an animal, and now I'm scared that it isn't normal. Last night the ladies were having black tarry stools, so this is quite different. I know medication affects my digestive system, so it makes sense that they'd get messed up what with the chemicals and dying parasites. Can anyone confirm that this is okay, or at least not a reason to freak out?

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