ag department gets new equipment

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    this makes me happy [​IMG]

    WELDON SPRING, Mo. (AP) - Equipment used to grow marijuana, and seized by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, will be put to good use.

    The patrol says items including humidifiers, electronic scales, air conditioners, growing buckets, lights and exhaust fan systems were seized recently in two marijuana investigations.

    The patrol is donating the items to Mineral Area College's Horticulture Department, which will use them for educational purposes.

    Courts have given their approval for the donation to the southeast Missouri college.

    they are going to have a hydroponics class now [​IMG]

    the county just North of us Jefferson county Missouri, is one of the tops in the country for meth production too. New chem sets any one [​IMG]
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    They should figure out how to make money off of what the other people were doing. Instead they wasted a ton of money to bust the people and now thousand a year to keep them locked up. At least they found a semi useful purpose for the equipment.

    Now the meth labs. That's a whole different ball of wax. They should just drop smart bombs on them. Too bad it would spread toxic waste everywhere.

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