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Ok I am using oxine to disinfect the coops,and there will not be any chickens in them for at least another 1.5 m.The coop has already been vacant for 1m.Now from what I found hydrated lime decreases the ph which then kills off the bacteria etc.but can burn,if I use it in the yards now will the rain and weather break it down enough to be ok for the birds in the future?And from what I have found the ag lime doesn't have the antibacterial qualities that are needed in my coop.Any thoughts looking for help thanks.And what is the pellet lime how is that used
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why are you needing hydrated lime?

There are two different kinds of lime.

"Hydrated lime, slake lime, or "burn lime"- This is pure white. Hydrated lime is very caustic, so the bag will have a warning on it. This is the kind of lime you use for white wash . This lime will burn you and your livestock. Do not use it on the floor. Do not breath it.
Agricultural lime, "ag lime", "garden lime", "barn lime" or dolomite- This lime is gray and can be used to spread on the floor of your barn. This is safe for you and your livestock. It will not burn. We spread this lime on our barn floor because it provides an antibacterial quality, dries out and "sweetens" the floor , and also Larry says it makes it easier to clean.

If you just ask for lime at your feed store, they will probably give you hydrated lime. If you say it's for the barn floor they will still probably give you hydrated. Please be safe, get the "Ag" lime for use in fly control."


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