Feb 23, 2018
I dont know if this is the right forum.

I have a chicken (mix of game bird × i dont know)she successfully brood all the chicks she had...after her chicks got old enough she left them and again started laying. She just layed 7 eggs and again had gone broody. Now its 3rd day she had just left nest for eating and pooping.
My question is that, is it normal?
Or is it fake?
And i want to give her eggs to hatch(her own) so should i?


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May 23, 2016
Pacific Northwest
a hen who gets triggered into going broody tends to kind of starve herself to stay on the nest and only poop once a day, then once they hatch she sacrifices eating for showing the chicks what to eat. it's an intense process and often results in a relatively run down hen. if you are pretty sure she is still well nourished (check the breast bone, overall weight, is she skin and bones or relatively hefty?) then perhaps it's OK to go a second round, there are a lot of if's. more likely she needs a break to recover and eat and exercise normally and build up her strength before having more chicks.

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