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    Mar 2, 2011
    Breed is a true mystery but she is a great egg-layer. She lays daily and layed earlier than any of my other hens that are from 1-3 years old this year. However, her age is a big question for me, as I know very little about her. She started laying deformed eggs (body checked) and I am somewhat worried. This can be due to age (normal no need to worry) or disease (contagious to other hens, need to worry or cull). She is a rescue, and I want to figure this help to make the correct decision in this matter.

    So How old does she look (she moves quite slower than the others and I think around 8 years)? Please be aware that she was over-bred by the rooster and is seperated because of this. This is why her back looks badly and I am doing everything I can to help her.

    Last month (newest pics I have of her)




    She is blue legged for some reason which makes her a mystery breed.....


    Any reply is appreciated. Cindy comes from a bad background and is still very gentle. I love her and want to give her the best life possible until she dies naturally.

    Timothy in KY
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    I think it's great that you are taking her in [​IMG] I'm not sure of her age and she looks a little rough but I'm sure she is in a good place now thanks to you! I have heard that giving some oyster shell may help with odd egg shapes. May want to try that. good luck with her! Hope someone else can help on the age thing.

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