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A Peacock called Penelope

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Aug 8, 2019
Hi guys i want to know about my peacocks age and breed. The breeder i got him from says hes 5 months but other people say he looks 9? People and vets here in Pakistan are not very
helpful with peafowls


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7 Years
Jun 24, 2012
Cant find them in Pakistan :(
Contact any veterinarian and ask them to tell you where you can get a "benzimidazole-class anthelmintic".

Active ingredients
The benzimidazoles and pro-benzimidazoles most relevant for veterinary use on cattle, sheep, goats, pig, poultry dogs and cats are the following:

  • Albendazole, massively used in livestock, less in horses or pets
  • Febantel, (pro-benzimidazole), vastly used in pets, less in horses or livestock
  • Fenbendazole, massively used in livestock, horses and pets
  • Flubendazole, moderately used in livestock (mainly pig and poultry) and pets
  • Mebendazole, moderately used in livestock, horses, and pets
  • Netobimin, (pro-benzimidazole), scarcely used at all
  • Oxfendazole, scarcely used in livestock (mainly ruminants), horses and pets
  • Oxibendazole, scarcely used in livestock (mainly pig), horses and pets
  • Ricobendazole, moderately used in livestock (mainly ruminants)
  • Thiabendazole, very seldom, mostly replaced
  • Thiophanate (pro-benzimidazole) very seldom, mostly replaced
  • Triclabendazole, vastly used in livestock (only ruminants)
Several benzimidazoles such as cambendazole and parbendazole have been vastly replaced by newer, more effective and safer active ingredients.

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