Age difference when raising chicks with turkey chicks

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by sonjap, Feb 12, 2015.

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    I dont know what turkey chicks are called...
    I have 6 hens and rooster and would like to add a couple of Royal Palm turkeys this year. I know with chickens they say you can have an age difference of one or two weeks but you need to be careful if there's going to be more of a difference. The feed store has a couple of chicks coming in 3 weeks before the turkey chicks. Since turkeys will be larger do you think it will be ok to raise them in the same brooder together?
    I have checked and blackhead is not supposed to be a problem in our area.
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    You should be ok. I have raised chicken and turkey chicks together with no problems. Just watch them for 24 hrs when you add the turkey chicks to make sure they are getting along. Some breeds of chicken chicks can be more aggressive than others. I would recommend keeping the turkey chicks in their coop until they are 7-8 weeks old. I have lost a few to exposure right outside the coop door at 6 weeks old. Another one drowned the next day in a water pan that had less than 3 inches of water in it. I love my heritage turkeys but they are not the brightest birds. After the 2 month mark they seem to grow a brain and they are quite hardy.

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