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    Nov 26, 2009
    Hi There - I'm now an owner of 4 pullets for the last 8 weeks, I did a deal and got 1 point of lay pullet and 3 others ......... The POL hen started to lay but seems to have now ceased laying - in Ireland and the weather is awful with short days, plus I was away last week and their routine was changed ........... my other 3 haven't showed any interest in laying and their combs are all in different states of pinkness ............... The layer has a very vivd red comb and wattles, I have one other that doesn't look far behind this one and 2 others, 1 of which looks fully grown with great feathering and then 1 what can only be described as a runt - bless her, my daughter loves her ! Is there anyway you can roughly age them ???? Any help greatly appreciated ................

    I think the reason for the slow down of eggs is that the shorter the day the less eggs you get.
    I would suggest putting a supplement light in there to keep them laying.


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