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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by TomZilla43, Mar 28, 2018.

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    So I have 4 Buff Orpington chicks that were sexed as pullets, they are right at 3 wks old now. Are they too young for me to post pics and get some experienced eyes on them to verify their sex? I'm concerned because one of the 4 is feathering quite a bit different than the others, making me wonder if that one is perhaps a cockerel:barnie.
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    3 weeks is a bit young for anything but guesses. In general Orpington roosters do feather out much slower than pullets, so you can guess which are which fairly accurately by feather growth, but it's best to wait for comb development to be sure. By 5-6 weeks the males combs will start to get pink than red.

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