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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by sonjap, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Hi all. I am going to add 2 Royal Palms to my small flock of 7 chickens this year. I already know about blackhead so no discussion needed on that. I've heard it's good to have a couple of chicks with them so they can learn to eat and drink. Since the turkeys will be bigger than the chicks and I'm guessing grow faster, should I get the chicks a few weeks sooner, or is the same age ok?
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    From what I have researched,Turkey chicks are very vulnerable of catching disease.So,it's best to keep them away from chickens.Saying,chickens have badder immune systems and catch many more things then Turkey's might
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    I have RP's, one tom and four hens, they are really great birds. Last May is when I acquired them and I put them in the brooder with chicks that I had received a week earlier. I had no problems mixing the poults with the chicks, their size differences never seemed to be an issue. I even added guinea fowl to the brooder mix, again with no issues. I fed them all "Game Bird Starter", your turkeys will do better starting with the high protein and your chicks will benefit as well ( game bird is 22% protein and chick starter is 18%). Today, they are all in the same yard together, I have seramas all the way to the turkeys and I have no issue with the differing sizes and I actually think it is because I raised them all together. Good luck!
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    If someone is selling you turkey or game bird starter and the protein is only 22% you are being ripped off. Game bird starter is normally 28% to 30% protein. The chick starter that I buy when I am only feeding chicks is 22% protein. There are companies that are selling chick starter that is as low as 16% protein. Personally I will not buy feed from those companies.

    When I raise poults and chicks or keets together I feed all of them turkey/game bird starter that is 28% protein. All the longer my chicks are on the high protein feed it does not hurt them.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

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