~Age of the Orcs~ (Fantasy RP)-Anyone welcomed.

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  1. ...It has long been known about the nefarious alliance between the God of Orcs and the Carnage and Black Magic.

    This, however, did not worry so much heavenly forces because hardly the two gods acted significantly out of their infernal planes of existence .​

    Somehow we could not unravel, the vile archwizard used the mysterious artifact that Could of Sacral and created two major connections between the lower planes and Sargoa. We suspect that he has had help from the knowledge and power of some evil gods for that, but the result was that he managed to open what we call today from 2 Revelation portals, one at each point of Sargoa.

    Each of the giant portals allowed the entry of some orc warriors, led by a powerful general "blessed" with their God's strength of Orcs and the black magic of the god of carnage. Quickly, these armies began to march on the land of the free people, absolutely destroying everything they found along the way. At least initially, it was an expansion or conquest of territories, which he achieved much.

    Organized by the iron fist of his generals, the orcs advance with ferocity and malice ever seen, especially against Phoenix and Lycans. The gods of these two breeds, in particular, sent the Sargoa its most powerful champions, in order to raise the morale of his people and to face the might of the orcs.

    In the north, human barbarians, elves, have constant battled. To the south, Silver Fang Clan lycans and Life Phoenix, once again brawled. The forces of orcs advancing from the east and west.

    Still, all the noble and brave souls of Sargoa was able to concur the advance of the orcs in their lands. But no brave army had concur the orc king's passageways birthing from the east to west.

    Nayar, the Devourer of Orphan (East Portal): Nayar is an orc barbarian of astonishing cruelty and immense physical strength. Recently, he killed alpha lycan of the Silver Fang tribe in single combat, and devoured the beta young to ensure the leadership halts. However, they didn't know one remaining beta lives, but right this moment it's in hiding. Then Nayar ordered five of his men to steal five female as their "wives" and was infected with the curse of lycanthropy, which made it an even more formidable opponent.

    Nerzul, Blood (west Portal): Nerzul is a corrupted orc shaman, a cruel barbarian who besides deadly in hand-to-hand combat, has great knowledge about black magic and necromantic rituals long forgotten. As the elves and humans refused to bend to his will, Nerzul killed and converted several of them into slave service. But still, Nerzul is a fearsome opponent, because in some regions, is able to control the winds themselves, using them to spread pests and terrible diseases to concur the noble people of the north, and south.

    Because of this narrated that currently the Sargoa historians call themselves this time as the "Age of the Orcs". As for the cruel orc king, Mormurz who started all this, we know only that he has a strong covenant with the God of Death, and sees orcs as useful tools to bring the world to an era of death and darkness.

    ~Noble Races of Sargoa~

    Phoenix Life:
    They dwell in the dense tropics of Ryze. They contain high power to shift into a humanoid form or any animal of the forest which they thrive from. They're highest skills are being crafty with life magic and inferno flames.

    Silver Fang:
    Are humans that recently received the lycanope curse or was born with it by generations before them. They're swift, cunning, and very agile. Their massive fangs could penetrate deep and shatter bones. Their lycan form is a vast, fiercely wolf. They nestle in the dark, depths of the Arroan forest.

    A relatively young specie that is capable of crafting incredible weapons to massive towns and villages. They lack the use of magic, but them constantly battling the elves had provided them to steal magical weapons from their neighbors. Their weapons are their highest skills, and not to mention their fist fights. They prefer to thrive in towns or unclaimed mountains

    Are very powerful humanoids that can get crafty with sorcery and magical weapons. They love, and survive in unclaimed territories of forests and sometimes jungles. The elven race tend to try to form alliances with other creatures who want to concur the orcs.

    If I say say something it goes.

    No Mary-sues: As in perfect characters, no ones perfect. Some need at least two flaws.

    No God-modding: This means you cannot control another person's character, ONLY your own, and you cannot roleplay your character as more powerful than they actually, realistically are. The orcs will never be that way, they will easily be defeated like any other charrie.

    PG-13 only

    Yes you may be an orc, but not the king.

    Keep the love scenes decent.

    No swearing, Just make one up,

    You can kill someones character off if they agree. Other then that, no exceptions

    All BYC rules apply

    Keep gore mild, and I will too.

    Be nice and respectful to other RPers.

    You have a problem with anything please PM me.

    Any suggestions or plots? By all means PM them. Notify me if I'm not being fair either.

    Your charrie may or may not die, so don't fuss if it does.

    Race Form:

    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    Human form:
    Creature form:
    Power(Only one):
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)

    Ranks for Races:

    Alpha/King/Queen (Two per Race) (Alpha is taken for Lycan)
    Princess/prince/beta (2 per race)
    Warriors/soldiers (unlimited per Race)
    Shaman/priest (One per Race)
    Hunter/gatherer (Unlimited)
    Bowmen/swordsman/fighter (unlimited)
    Commoner/packmate (unlimited)
    Cook: (Unlimited)
    healer/medic: (unlimited)

  2. holieberry

    holieberry Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 14, 2013
    Age:17 years.
    Human form:[​IMG]

    Creature form:[​IMG]

    Behavior/Personality: Fierce warrior against her eneimies, swift, cunning, sly. Normally calm, until her buttons has been pushed.
    Power(Only one):Light healing
    Rank: Healer
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s):Loosing a member, darkness, sharp objects.
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: Grew up in the fierce pack of Silverfang. Learned her abilities at a young age.
  3. Perfect Polish

    Perfect Polish Chillin' With My Peeps

    May 29, 2013
    Band Life!
    Name: Layla
    Race: elf
    Gender: female
    Age: 21
    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    Human form: medium hight, slender, Reddish brown long hair, usually worn in a braid. Green eyes, usually wearing colors of the forest (green, brown), scar on her cheek from a fight.
    Creature form:
    Behavior/Personality: Layla is and outgoing person, she likes to joke and have fun. Pulling pranks is fun too. She is friends with almost everyone. She is talkative.
    Power(Only one): plants
    Rank: princess?
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): she fears being disliked and being alone
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)

    Name: Everlaster (Ever)
    Race: Silverfang
    Gender: female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: *A pic or a description if you cannot find a suitable pic*
    Human form: long black hair, ice blue Eyes, small, built, scar on her shoulder,
    Creature form: similar human appearance on wolf. Black fur, blue eyes etc.
    Behavior/Personality: silent and deadly. She's strong both mentally and physically. She doesn't show her emotions, she can have a temper and is quick to get into fights, smart mouth, pushes herself to the breaking point sometimes for the fear of appearing weak. Wants to be alpha maybe someday.
    Power(Only one): electricity/lightning
    Rank: warrior
    Fear(s)/Dislike(s): being/looking weak to others, losing, losing her twin brother
    Crush/Partner/Mate: (Optional)
    History: (optional)
    Other: Norths her twin. (I'll make him later)
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