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    How do you know how old a hen is? We bought 6 a week ago and some are much lrger than others, however they all get along, except for the smallest. It is one feisty bird!
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    This was a good question. I had read somewhere to look at the color of the birds legs. If they are really yellow that means their young!
    When I read your question I looked it up in my raising chickens book. It says that the smoother a pullet or cockerels legs are the younger they are. Some pullets and cockerels have nubs on their legs where spurs will grow. They also tend to look like gangly teenagers! Older birds have rough legs and longer the spur older the bird. The book also says to pick up your bird and feel the breast bone. It is flexible in a young bird and rigid in an older bird. The muscle is soft in a young bird and tough in an old bird. Skin is paper thin in young bird and thick and tough in old bird. You can never know the exact age of a chicken if you have not raised from hatching. But this may hellp you get an idea if their old or young. Good Luck
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    Thank you!!! That is really good information. I will check them out tomorrow. By the way, tonight was the first time my buff let me pet her without running....

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