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    Vets, friends and family of vets, there are new guidelines for vets who served in SEA. Spouses of vets who may have died of these new added conditions may also be eligible. Go to Go to the search box and enter agent orange. They are now fast tracking us for any treatment we might need.
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    May 17, 2007
    For years I have preferred not to think of the war, but I am afraid reality is catching up with me. I have strange skin problems. The thought of dealing with the VA really turns me off.
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    Apr 13, 2011
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    I probably agree with Rufus on this. I was in Vietnam at various times from 1968 to 1971 and was exposed to AO on several occasions. Over the years I have had certain skin conditions and cancer that I absolutely associate with that exposure, however, regardless of the new guidlines I am satisfied with the treatment I received with private practice doctors and at this stage will not give myself the added aggravation of dealing with the VA and try to convince them that my cancer, etc. is related to exposure. Just feel lucky to have gotten back relatively unscathed and that if I did have exposure, the bad effects were not passed to kids.
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    Please don't give up on the VA helping you. My husband is a Vietnam Vet/Purple Heart recipient from getting blown up by a land mine in Nam. His hearing loss has always been extensive and we tried to get help from the local VA many years ago to no avail. New rules have brought in a new director and an assistant director - both decorated veterans themselves. When the company my husband works for was threatening to fire him because he "wasn't paying attention to them", I contacted the new directors. The assistant director, who says he is a proud ex-Marine second only to Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, went into action. Not only has the company now bent over backwards to accomodate my husband with his hearing problems, my husband is now on the fast track for hearing aids, medical care and disability reimbursement. In just six weeks, he has had his hearing tested and found to have severe hearing loss (trust me, I knew that!), and today we spent several hours at the VA Hospital in Ft. Wayne where he is now entitled to FULL medical care, prescription coverage at a co-pay of only $8 for ANY script. He had a full blood panel done today and will go back next week to meet with the doctor and get medical issues treated. The meeting today explained that ALL vets who can prove they were in Nam during the years that AO was used, even if only for a day, are automatically entitled to care for a myriad of issues which are now Presumptive - in other words, even high blood pressure is presumed to have been caused by AO and the vet will recieve care for the problem. Google Agent Orange side effects and you will see everything that is now being treated by the VA. I am so impressed by the level of care and help that we have recieved in the past six weeks that I could cry for joy. Too bad you are not close to Bryan OH, I know Jeremy and Mary would change your mind about the VA!!!!!!!
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    Just clicked on here to thank all of you for your service for our country.
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    My father was also in Vietnam. He now has Mycosis Fungoids cancer..
    There's no "proof" that its connected...but.. I think it is.
    I was also born with a chromosome abnormality ...go figure.. :rolleyes:
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    My brother died a few months ago from Shy-Drager disease. Was it caused from AO? Who knows. It was a terrible way to die. His beloved Marine Corp League conducted his memorial service, which was a great comfort to his wife. My heart goes out to all who have health issues from Viet Nam, when you were young and just trying to serve your country. God Bless each of you and thank you for your service.

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