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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by itspoeotisee, May 25, 2017.

  1. itspoeotisee

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    Oct 7, 2015
    We hatched some birds from eggs and starting at about 1 week old, our EE boy (I think, he's got huuuge legs!) has been chasing all the other birds around. Day and night, there is constant "help!" peeping and "ouch!" screeching peeps from the other chicks. It seems to stop only when I'm observing, then the EE boy decides that I'm more interesting...for a minute. No blood from pecking yet, and he's not aggressive with me, though I get the feeling like he will be when he gets bigger. He runs from my hand and is the least social, he fights harder than any of the other birds when I'm holding him.

    There are 6 chicks and about 16 sq feet of space, we have perches for them. Seems like enough space, esp since they're more-or-less huddled under the heat lamp a good portion of the day.
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    Some of those boys are a pain from the start. Not much you can do except to remove it or put it in jail, a separate wire circle, inside of the brooder, to give the others some peace. I have had a few that were bold and would come forward and peck me if I tried to pick one up. They turned out to be roosters usually too. If it's warm enough putting them outside in a temporary movable pen during the day can help burn off extra energy.
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    My EE's are so noisy in the brooder, too! They're about 4 weeks old but I'm thinking one may be a rooster because "she" is the only one who makes this shrill noise that could be the start of a crow... I would love to see a picture of your EE roo and his legs for reference! Good luck to the other chicks
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    Honestly I wouldn't put up with a roo that is showing signs of aggression that early i know this sounds bad but I would get rid of him he'll most likely grow up to be abusive to the hens and mean to you
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    Three weeks may be getting a bit too old for my discipline method to curb aggressive behavior in a chick, but you can give it a try.

    You basically give him a quick poke on the back each time he goes after another chick. If you can anticipate his move, so much the better. Spend about five minutes at a stretch with this exercise, doing it at random times during the day for two days, maybe three. If it's going to work it, you should see him backing off by the end of day two.

    Down in my signature line are a block of links to articles I've written for BYC. One is an article on aggressive chicks and how to stop the behavior and tips for preventing aggression in the brooder. You might find something useful for your situation.

    I agree there is a good chance this twerp is a cockerel. Sometimes boy chicks hatch with a bit too much testosterone and it makes them act like little jerks and display other precocious behavior. Don't be surprised if you hear a squeaky little crow come out of him in the next few weeks. I had one like yours and he crowed at seven weeks. He was mounting his brooder mates at age nine weeks.
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    Oct 7, 2015
    I don't have another EE to compare with, so this might not help, but here's Moses Pancho.

    Azygous, I started disciplining him about a week ago, though I don't tap him like you suggest. I pick him up and push his neck down low till he stops resisting. It seems to be working a little bit, but I can't tell for sure. Tapping would be more efficient-- I'll have to find a stick.

    Top Rooster, I've been considering culling him if he doesn't chill out. That option is definitely on the table. If I see him draw blood, he's outta here. Thankfully, he's mostly bullying the other boys at this point.

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