aggressive birds?

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    Mar 9, 2016
    Hello all,
    I have our four 14 week old chickens in an enclosed coop/run "tractor". For reasons beyond my control, I have not been able to finish their permanent big coop/run (please don't hold it against me!). free ranging is not an option unfortunately.
    With the heat I have been working very hard to keep them cool: coop/run in shade, fill waterer with ice, have frozen sav-a-chick in their old smaller waterer and give that to them to drink as it melts. greens frozen in containers of water for them to pick at, fan blowing into the coop, two gallon jugs of water frozen and placed in coop for "coolth". Doing all this, they are doing ok. But I felt like they would be better (duh) if they could dig down in the earth and also have more room. So I made an enclosure with chicken wire and bird netting over it. We have lots of predators so this is just temporary until I finish the big run and when someone or the dog is in the yard.
    The chickens are a Brahma, a Barred Rock, a Rhode Is. Red, and a Leghorn.
    They have always got along great. Never seen one peck or harass another. Barred Rock was the "leader" when small, but now Brahma tends to lead the way.
    I opened the door from their coop/run into this open run no treats or anything just let them explore. They very cautiously made their way out. Brahma first. They pecked and scratched and seemed perfectly fine until the Barred rock started pestering the RIRed, who puffed up her feathers and defended herself. The Brahma also seemed to step in to protect her. Then the Rock puffed her neck feathers and kind of went chest to chest with the Leghorn and so on. They seemed like they were "cock-fighting"! No wounds as far as I can see. Noticed "spurs" developing on Leghorn but perhaps hens have them as well.
    Needless to say I was very surprised to see my sweet girls acting this way! Are they indeed all girls? I will post photos tomorrow.
    Ideas? Have I messed everything up? What should I do if anything?
    Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. Nothing is wrong...They were playing and spreading their wings...Sounds good to me.
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    All young bird regardless of sex will chest bump and mock fight to establish the pecking order or even to enforce it, as well as it being a form of play. It's not unusual for certain birds to form bonds with each enough that they will help a friend. They were probably excited to have some freedom and a new area so they got a bit hyper. I would rather see chickens in a larger less secure area than safe chickens stuck in a smaller run. I'm happy they were happy.[​IMG]

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