Aggressive Bourbon Red turkey hens.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by JLusk1404, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Oct 18, 2016
    We have two bourbons, Rachet an Clank, tom and hen, respectively, who are more pets than anything else. We have four goats and 9 chickens, one rooster and 8 hens. Our bourbon hen, Clank, will select one of the goats, usually our runt, Donatello, and chase them around a 60x100 pen. The chicken pen and goat pen are separated but share a common fence-line. Clank will even assault our dogs, a beagle and a shepherd mix, the beagle will defend himself, but the shepherd won't. When we toss the turkeys over the common fence with the chickens, they are fine and usually stay on that side until nightfall when they make their way up into the trees

    All of our animals are pets, but we do get the eggs from our chickens. The bourbons are only about five to six-months old and the turkey hen actually adopted our new Jersey Giant and Silver-lace chicken poults and will follow them around and respond when they start chirping.

    They are amazing and beautiful fowl and provide lots of entertainment for our family as each has it's own personality. The bourbons will follow us to our cars when we leave and will run the the end of the driveway when we return, following the car all the way up to the house.
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    It's normal for turkeys under a year to be punks, or thugs. Even as adults turkeys can harass other animals, so it's always best to house them separately from other species. I've had turkeys kill chickens, so it can happen. They are a very interactive species full of personality.

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