Aggressive Buff Orpington Crowing Like Rooster?!?!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Tiffany1804, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Sep 11, 2011
    I just recently started raising chickens it's been about a month now. We only have 5 chickens and they are being kept as pets and of course egg layers. We first bought 2 Hens 1 Buff Orpington that is 1yr. and a Silver Laced Wyndott that is 2yr. Our Buff Orpington (Daisy) lays an egg almost daily but has acted like a rooster from the get go (explains why the farmer was so pushy when selling her to us). She crows ALL day long which doesn't bother me much but does bother my husband. Our Silver Laced Wyndott is very quiet she is older and only lays 2 times per week but isn't the most friendly Hen she has pecked me a few times and doesn't like to be interacted with.

    We have started introducing our new chickens to Daisy and Speckles while they are free ranging which they do all day. We have 2 Buff Silkies and 1 that I am unsure of the breed. Daisy our Orpington ran right over to them and started going crazy pecking them and attacking them!!!!!! I removed the new birds and put them in a seperate area again where the chickens can see each other but the new hens will be safe.

    Now my question is what should my next step be? The Buff Orp is very friendly with me and always runs up to me when I come out she is almost acting jealous of the new birds when I interact with the new Hens in there seperate area Daisy stays right by the fence until I come out and she is usually crowing the whole time. I'm attached to her and right now she is probably my favorite Hen but I don't want the other Hens to be at risk of injury. I also have read alot about buff orpingtons and they are supposed to be non aggressive birds. I just need some advice. Should I get rid of her and get a new another Hen?
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    This is natural. She will put the younger ones in there place, under her in the pecking order, and to you it may seem like she is "abusing" them for a few days. After a couple of days too a week, they should all be fine, they should have their hierarchy all worked out. All you should watch for is that no hens are hurt real bad (excessive bleeding, etc.) though that would be rare. As long as they have plenty of space, they will be find. There will be feathers pulled, but hey, they will grow back:)

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