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    Hi! I'm brand new to chicken raising and I have an aggressive silkie chick that I thought I'd ask about. He's a week older than my other silkie chicks and 2-3 weeks older than the Favorelles. He's around 5 weeks I think. I'm pretty sure it's a rooster by how he acts. He runs around the area keeping the other silkie chicks and he pecks at anyone who puts a toe out of line, including the Favorelle chicks. They stand up to him but he'll like, run up to chicks and start hopping up and down (it's kinda funny) and if they don't move he'll start pecking them. The ones getting pecked keep letting out this awful squawks which of course get everyone worked up and flapping around... which in turn just makes the silkie more frustrated...

    This is 'him':


    I just wanted to know if this behavior was normal and if I should be concerned or separate him?
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    I would separate him. Favroelles are easily bullied and the age difference it to much at that age.

    Silkies often have a skull defect so pecking can kill them or cause brain damage easily.

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