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    So I have a chicken named Clove. We found her in Oxnard CA and I brought her home because she was really sweet and docile. She was at my house alone for while and I kept her in a small crate in my room for the first few nights because I had nothing else and then put her in a bigger enclosure outside. We then built a coop and got two more chickens, both smaller than Clove and she was obviously the dominant one but never attacked. We then got two additional chickens, both bigger than Clove and Clove went crazy. She was attacking them and jumping up on them and yelling at them, so I put her in her old enclosure to separate her. The coop is much happier and the two new chickens are laying and I'm afraid to have Clove in there because she keeps on attacking them. Clove is most likely an Old English game hen which I know are known to be aggressive but I don't want any blood drawn and I don't want the other four chickens to be unhappy if Clove stays in there. What can I do? I really don't want to get rid of her but she doesn't do good with other chickens.
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    How big (feet x feet) is the enclosure? Are you sure Clove is a hen?
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    I think it's just the pecking order. Your Clove is the Alpha hen of the chicken coop [​IMG] Perhaps she felt threatened being smaller than the newcomers and she wanted to show who's the boss. it says here that it is good thing to put the newcomers in the chicken coop during the night so they can spend a lot of time togheter but without seeing each other.
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