Aggressive chicks


May 30, 2020
Livermore, California
My chicks just turned three weeks old today. They are all rushing at each other. I thought maybe they were overcrowded, so I made a bigger brooder. Its basically a refrigerator box. I put stuff in there for them to do, like drew spots on the walls for them to peck at and made a little swing that they LOVE. But, they're still going at it, especially when I reach inside. They happily come straight towards me, then get mad at each other and run full speed at one another. Not really sure what else to do?


In the Brooder
Jun 9, 2020
They may be establishing a pecking order, my chicks do this too, they're four weeks now but be careful for excessive bullying on one chick, you may have to separate it from the rest if feathers start disappearing lol


Little roos in particular will rush up to each other as a challenge. Sometimes they will get on their tiptoes to look bigger. If a little roo challenges a female chick she may walk away or just stare ("What, you can't tell I'm a girl?). This can be a good way to tell the boys from the girls early on..

As MintyFresh84 said, there's really no problem with the challenge. If they start to peck or make a another chick bloody, it's time for separate brooders.

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