Aggressive Cochin Roos

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    I watched the other day as my three roos chased and got on top of my favorite little silkie. I yelled at them and she got away. Later in the evening, I went out and found her dead. She looked like she had been pecked to death. I know I have too many roosters, now that they are getting older. I 'm trying to find homes for them. They are so beautiful, but they have to go. I thought cochins were supposed to be tame and docile. I have two more silkies. Do you think I should separate the cochins from the silkies? They all got along up until we got the warm, balmy weather for two days in Ohio.
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    Jul 22, 2008
    I recently culled 3 of my 4 cochin roos. They were the same way, they would gang up and were very agressive toward some of the other chickens. Once I culled the three the one I kept is completely changed, not agressive anymore at all. There were just too many roos.
    I would suggest you either separate them from the other chickens or get rid of them.
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    Quote:Thanks chickenfever. Someone in the chat room suggested I put an ad on craigslist. I got a reply the next day and she lives 5 miles from me. She wants only two, 1 cochin and 1 banty. I've got maybe three more to get rid of. [​IMG]

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