aggressive dark brahma rooster. what should i do about him?


9 Years
Oct 9, 2010
i have a dark brahma rooster who just turned one year old in april. he used to be very aggressive, but after disciplining him, he settled down and became very gentle and docile. recently, he's been attacking my bantam roosters, who are ALL very calm, quiet, and non-threatening. he used to get along with them, all of them, but now, six months after they all came of age, he's suddenly became aggressive again. he's also started to attack people, totally unprovoked. he's also getting worse, progressively, and his violence is becoming more and more frequent. he's gotten me real good three times in the past two weeks. i have bruises and gashes all over my arms and legs. i don't know what i should do. i have tried disciplining him when he is bad, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. i love my rooster, but i don't know if this is reversible or not. also, could i have caused this, or is he at an age where he could have just become this way if it was in his personality?

i think i should just cull him. but i feel like i may be overreacting. i've never had to do this before... i regard him as one of my pets, and i just feel weird about it. and heartbroken.
Has there been any changes to your chickens world that brought on this aggressiveness? A coop move? A broody hen?

If you can't explain his behavior and perhaps work to correct what is troubling him, I'm afraid you are right; culling may be the only answer.
i don't think there has been any real changes that would affect him this way. anything that i can think of happened long before all of this aggression began. it's really weird.

i feel like culling would be the only choice, too, but i just wanted to know if there was maybe a secret way to fix him.
Well there might be, my friend who is also here on BYC said that an effective way to treat aggressiveness in Roos is to hang them upside down every day for around 10 minutes or so, by the legs. You can do until he stops being agressive.
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Hanging chickens upside down, if not done right, can be a death sentence. See where their lungs are?:


Their lungs are towards their backs. Hang them upside down and not know what you are doing and you can smother them to death when all their other organs press on the lungs. Smothering is a fate worse than a quick chop with an ax or a clean shot with a .22 in my opinion.
I am sorry for posting this, I have actually never tried it. This is just what she recommended to me to deal with some of my aggressive Roos, we ended up just butchering them. Don't hang him upside down, I repeat don't hang upside down, I am sorry, just forget I even said anything.
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