Aggressive drake, need advice.


Jan 27, 2018
I am at my breaking point with my drake. He will be a year old in August, and he is with a female. I have two baby females who will be joining him once mature.

Once my boy matured and started mating with my female, he has been so aggressive with me, my dogs, and family members. I cannot walk in the yard without him charging at me and anything he can grab. I have done numerous searches and talked to many people online about what to do and nothing works. I have tried sitting him down and getting on top of him for 5 minutes, which works for about 5 minutes then he's back to biting me again. I have tried carrying a rake around to keep him away from me, which also worked at first but now he isn't afraid of it and just goes right around it to get to me. I have tried picking him up to calm him down and he just then goes for my face. He flew up in the air at me yesterday and grabbed my lip and hung on and I bled really bad and now have a cut, bruised, swollen lip today. I have tried locking him up in the pen but it just seems to make him worse when I let him back out. He is getting out of control and its to the point where I don't even want to go outside and let the two of them out anymore because I know he's just going to hurt me. I have bruises all up my legs and arms, he makes me bleed all the time, and I have just had enough. It hurts so bad when he grabs my skin and holds on, he is very strong..

He also drives my poor female crazy with mating. He will try to pull her up into the pool whenever she is around it or just around any sort of water like their water bowls, puddles, etc. He grabs feathers off of her easily when he tries. She has a bald spot on the back of her neck and between her wings. She is always running away from him and I feel awful. I got two more females from Metzer Farms in hopes that it will help him have more options for mating and not be mating one all the time because I know the ratio supposed to be more females to males.. But they won't be mature for a while so can't be with him yet.

Will having three females help calm his overall aggressive behavior? Or will he still be going after me, or even make it worse? I just don't know what to do anymore. I never thought I'd be able to give him away, but he's making me have no choice anymore. I would be heartbroken to have to do so, but I am just running out of options. He went from being my sweet boy, to just a big bully.

Is there anything else I can do, or anyone recommend anything? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Apr 4, 2018
What a horrible position to be in. I'm so sorry. I think if he is really distracting from the joy of having ducks - hurting you and your female - you shouldn't feel too terribly about getting rid of him. If you had a dog who was attacking you and biting you every time you came near it, and nothing you did fixed the problem, you'd get rid of the dog for your own safety. At the end of the day, while it's a tough decision, it is an animal and not all animals are compatible with being pets.

I am VERY new to keeping ducks so I can't give you any advice from experience but I would say see if having three females calms him down and if not, make good use of him as a delicious roast (or just find somewhere that will take him if you can't handle that option.)

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