Aggressive drake to new ducks??

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    Jan 1, 2016
    I have an 11 month old runnerXwelsh drake (Seth) and a runnerXpekin duck (Pippin).
    Because he's such a serial killer dad and she was determined on being a mother I decided to get a few more girls to add to our flock for when we had to separate them so she could raise her babies in peace. (He also seemed to be over-mating her as she was getting a bald patch on the back of her neck before she went broody)

    We ended up with a 4yo Black Swedish (Daisy), a 2yo Cayuga (Pascal) and a 1.5yo Muscovy (Lady).
    They were kept separate for a few days and just spent the whole time sitting on either side of the fence with each other, so we decided to pop them in with him and see how it went.

    Now, Daisy is the smallest of the flock. He will NOT touch Daisy, I havent seen him top her or chase her or anything not once, they are like best buddies, chilling out next to the water or under the orange tree in the yard.
    Pascal and Lady on the other hand, he is a complete jerk to.

    He chases Lady away from the rest of the flock, wont let her in the pool, she basically stays in one corner of the yard alone all day. When he mounts her he grabs her carunicles around her eyes which it looks like he's pulled them up so you can see under her top eyelid, the feathers on the top of her head and is overly aggressive about hanging on- probably because she is so much bigger than him and that makes it hard for him to uhh.. well copulate successfully. (He just slides off the side or the back of her, and he actually has to use his wings to keep himself steady, which i've never seen him do until we got her)
    The only time he leaves her alone is if she's sitting on her nest with the morning's eggs underneath her- he'll go over to her and stand there for a minute and she'll titter at him and he'll walk away.

    Pascal isnt treated as harshly as Lady, she's included in the flock, is allowed in the pool, but she's also a little bigger than him and gets chased and topped aggressively. I found her in the coop this afternoon and one of her eyes has had the feathers around it pulled and its a bit swollen and sore looking.

    Both Lady and Pascal have been removed from the pen, they're now living in the main part of the backyard with their own pool and the dog to guard them. (Pippin and her babies are also in the main yard in the brood coop (big A frame tractor thing))

    I'm pretty heartbroken about this as Seth was the first duck I got, along with Pippin- who decided to ditch the babies in the brood coop while I was changing the water over and cleaning it out and follow him around the fence this afternoon until I caught her and popped her back. They're a really bonded pair as it's been just the two of them since they were about 4 months old.

    I know my options are-
    -have two flocks, one with Seth, Pippin and Daisy and the other with Lady and Pascal (Seems to be the best choice but its not ideal as space may possibly be an issue if i dont want to leave them roaming in the backyard 24/7.)
    -Rehome Seth (and possibly Pippin with him) or Lady and Pascal..
    -Give Seth the chop (My partner seems scarily keen on this option as Lady is his favourite..)

    I'd just like to know if there's anything else I can do? If he will calm down as he gets older or if he's just establishing the pecking order..? They've only been with us for about 2 weeks so everyones still basically new with each other. (It has taken me honestly 2 months to find mature females in my area as I wasnt game enough to get younger ones and risk it)
    I'm also wondering why he isnt interested in Daisy as she would surely be easier for him to mate with given her size? Not saying I want this to happen either, but it just seems strange.
  2. Two weeks is not that long at all.......The Ducks will work it out....The more you interfere in the transition, the longer it will take....Your Drake is a bit over whelmed having new ladies...Ducklings are involved also....I just got a new Call hen a week ago and for the most part they all get along...She is not allowed to play in the water bowl till the others are done...She does lay close to the other Ducks during the day....I do not worry about her....
    Ducks understand Duck....It might look awful to you but they know what is going on....In a few weeks they will all be fine......

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    If a duck is getting injured, intervene. I agree that two weeks is very early, especially with the personalities involved. I think it's too soon to make a final decision. Don't kill anyone at this point. Do keep everyone safe, as you are doing. It can be a bit of a chore, but sometimes things do smooth out. I ended up keeping a trio of Buffs as a separate flock because Bean was overly fixated on Romy, who is now in the other flock.

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